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To view a California Standards, California Alternate Performance Assessment, or California Achievement Test summary report for the State of California, a specific county, school district, or school, click the "Reports" button on the left menu. For assistance in navigating through the report selection process, click on:

To view a Spanish Assessment of Basic Education (SABE/2) test summary report for the State of California, a specific county, school district, or school, click on:

Additional topics of interest

About STAR - Provides information about the tests used, the subjects and grades tested, and the types of results reported for the STAR 2003 Program.

Grades and Subjects Reported - Identifies the grades and subjects reported for each of the STAR assessments.

STAR Reports - Discusses score reports and subgroups for which STAR 2003 scores are reported.

STAR Internet Scores - Discusses Internet score reports and grade and content areas for which STAR scores are reported.

Report Term and Score Explanations - Explains the scores discussed in About STAR 2003 Scores.

Comparing Scores - Provides information about how to compare scores across two or more years as well as across grades.

Viewing and Printing Reports - Provides suggestions for printing the reports.

Remember that these reports may be printed, but may not appear as you see them when printed in standard portrait mode. Adjust your print setting to landscape (sideways) mode for better results.

In order to protect student confidentiality, no scores are reported for any group of 10 or fewer students.

The results posted at this Web site are based on data provided by the Educational Testing Service (California Standards Tests, California Alternate Performance Assessment, and California Achievement Tests, Sixth Edition, Survey) and CTB/McGraw-Hill (SABE/2) under contract with the California Department of Education.

(Posting Date: February 6, 2004)

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