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Linking Reports

Reports providing year-to-year comparisons of the percent of students scoring at or above the 50th percentile on the Stanford 9 can be found by selecting the More About STAR icon and clicking on "Year to Year Comparison Reports."

If the 2002 results for a school, district, county or the state are being reviewed and results for a previous year are needed to make comparisons, click on the Home icon near the upper right-hand side of the report. On the Home page scroll down the left-hand sidebar and click on the year desired.

Linking School, District, County, and State Reports
In the upper left of each school report page is a list showing the state (California), county, district and school. The underlined entities provide direct links to district, county and state level reports. Click on the desired report level. Except for independent charter schools, school reports are linked to districts, districts are linked to counties, and counties are linked to the state. Reports for independent charter schools are linked to counties and counties are linked to the state.