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Downloading the Tab-Delimited STAR Research Data Files

The Tab-Delimited files are available in two formats;

Tab-Delimited Files (Complete)

Tab-delimited files are structured much like files typically used on a mainframe.

The complete Tab-Delimited file can be downloaded from the links at the left.

Date Posted: November 15, 2001
Description: A self-extracting compressed file that contains two Tab-Delimited files named "tdentities.tab" and "tdtestdata.tab".

Estimated download times for this file are available here: Download Times

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Tab-Delimited Files (Partial)

To accomodate users with limited-bandwidth Internet connections, the research data has been placed into several Tab-Delimited files organized by county. Below are the listed Tab-Delimited partial data sets; click on the file(s) you wish to download. The entities file contains all of the school/district names. It can be linked to the other files to provide names for the records in the test data files. Estimated download times for the partial files are dependent upon the size of the file. Cross-reference with the following table:

Connection Speed
5 sec 11 sec 16 sec 22 sec
1 min 2 min 8 sec 3 min 20 sec 4 min 30 sec
56 Kbps
2 min 30 sec 5 min 7 min 30 sec 10 min
28.8 Kbps
5 min 9 min 30 sec 15 min 21 min



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Zip Files

The Research files for Windows are packaged in a self-extracting archive, to save on space and download time.  Self-extracting archives have an extension of .EXE, and can be run as commands or double-clicked on just like any other application. When a self-extracting archive is run, the files in the archive are automatically extracted into the directory of your choice.  You do not need an unzip program (like PKZIP or WinZip) to extract files from these self-extracting archives.

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