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About STAR 2001 Scores

No individual student scores are reported on the Internet. Individual student scores are confidential and may be reviewed only by students' teachers and parents or guardians. The Stanford 9 and California Standards Test scores are printed on STAR Parent Reports that must be forwarded to parents/guardians within 20 working days from when they are received in each school district. SABE/2 results are reported on Home Reports. Districts are also required to forward these to parents/guardians within 20 working days of when the reports are received in each district. Most parents/guardians should receive their childrens' test results no later than the middle of August.

Schools receive Student reports that include each student's test results. The purpose of these reports is to present each student's test results in ways that teachers can use to help identify individual student's academic strengths and weaknesses.

In addition to the Internet reports, schools and districts receive reports that summarize how groups of students performed on the tests.

To protect student privacy, asterisks appear on the Internet reports whenever 10 or fewer students had valid test scores.

NOTE: Portions of "About STAR 2001 Scores" are specifically related to the STAR 2001 results. For information about previous years' STAR results, see "About the Scores" for the year(s) of interest.

Stanford 9
Stanford 9 scores are reported for all subjects tested at each grade level. These include reading, mathematics, and language for grades 2 - 11, plus spelling for grades 2 - 8, and science and social science for grades 9 - 11.

California Standards Tests
California Standards Test scores are reported for the following:

  • English Language Arts for Grades 2 - 11
  • Mathematics for Grades 2 - 11
  • Science for Grades 9 - 11
  • History-Social Science for Grades 9 - 11
Except for the Grade-11 California Mathematics Standards Test, the California Mathematics Tests for grades 8 - 11 and the Science Tests for grades 9 - 11 are specific to courses that students in these grades had completed or were completing during the 2000-2001 school year. The Grade-11 math test was administered to grade-11 students who had completed Algebra II or 3rd Year Integrated Mathematics any time before the spring 2001 test administration. All students enrolled in grades 2 - 7 were required to take mathematics standards tests. All students in grades 2 - 11 were required to take the English language arts standards tests, and all students in grades 9 - 11 were required to take history-social-science standards tests. Some students with disabilities and English language learners who had been enrolled in their school district for less than 12 months may have taken tests for grades lower than the ones designed for their grade levels.

For grades 2 through 8 SABE/2 scores are reported for reading, language, mathematics, and spelling. For grades 9 - 11 scores are reported for reading, language, and mathematics.