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Linking Reports

Linking 1998 and 1999 Reports
To make comparisons, it is necessary to look at comparable groups--for example, the results for a school in 1998 and 1999. After following directions to find the school report for 1999, to find the 1998 results it is necessary to click Spring 1998 STAR Reports icon. This icon can be found on the sidebar of many of these pages.

An additional report providing cohort comparisons between 1998 and 1999 scores can be found by selecting the More About STAR icon also found on the sidebar of many of these pages.

Linking School, District, County, and State Reports
In the upper left of each school report page, you will find the name of the state (California), county, school district, and school that corresponds to the report. Each of these underlined names provides a direct link to the report for the corresponding district and county, and for the state. Similarly, district reports are linked to the county and state reports, and county reports are linked to the state report. Click on any of these underlined links to display the report for that district or county, or for the state.