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Access 97 Research File
Download Instructions

The Access 97 Research File is a large database for use with Microsoft Access 97 or Microsoft Access 2000, and is available via two download methods: A complete, single-file database with all data, or a partial database broken into multiple files for easier downloading.

Access 97 Database (Complete)
The complete Access 97 database can be downloaded from the link below. Estimated download times are as follows:
Connection   Estimated Download Time
T1   > 4 minutes
ISDN   > 49 minutes
56 Kbps modem    > 2 hours 56 minutes
28.8 Kbps modem    > 7 hours 20 minutes

Date Posted: October 15, 2001
Description:A self-extracting compressed file that contains an Access 97 database file named "STAR Research File.mdb".

Access 97 Database (Partial)
The Access 97 database has been broken into multiple parts for easier downloading. To use the partial database you must first download the main database component; Estimated download times are as follows:
Connection   Estimated Download Time
T1   > 5 seconds
ISDN   > 44 seconds
56 Kbps modem   > 2 minutes
28.8 Kbps modem    > 4 minutes

With the main database, you can then download data for the various counties and import it into the main database. It is not necessary to download all of the files to use the partial Access database; you must, however, download at least one, since the main database component does not contain any data. The data has been broken into the following individual self-extracting archive tab-delimited files:

Estimated download times are:

Connection Speed
5 sec 11 sec 16 sec 22 sec
1 min 2 min 8 sec 3 min 20 sec 4 min 30 sec
56 Kbps
2 min 30 sec 5 min 7 min 30 sec 10 min
28.8 Kbps
5 min 9 min 30 sec 15 min 21 min


How to import the partial tab delimited files into Access:
  1. Download the Partial Access 97 Research File Database - Main Component.
  2. Download the partial tab delimited files that you want.
  3. Extract the Access database to a directory by running the AC97Base.exe executable. You should now have a file called "STAR Research File.mdb".
  4. Extract the partial tab delimited files you downloaded to the same directory as the Access database.
  5. Open the Access database (STAR Research File.mdb) using Access 97. If you are using Access 2000 you will see a dialog asking to Convert Database or Open Database; choose Open Database.
  6. Open the Import form by clicking the icon:
    If partial tab-delimited files are available, a dialog box offers to open the Import form. The Import form can also be opened from the main form.
  7. On the Import form, select the partial tab delimited file to import and click the Import button. Or click the Import All button to import all of the available partial tab delimited files.
  8. Return to the Main form. If any files were imported, a dialog will suggest to Compact the database which will defragment the database file and free disk space. From the Tools menu, point to Database Utilities, and then click Compact Database. The database will function properly regardless if you choose to compact or not.

Use of these research files requires some expertise in data handling. Descriptions of the file formats and instructions on how to access the data are contained in a file you can access by clicking on the Research File Help icon or the Pencil icon for help.

To view results directly, click on the Reports icon at the top of the screen.

In order to protect student confidentiality, no scores are reported for any group of 10 or fewer students.

(Posting Date: October 15, 2001)