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About STAR 2000 Scores

Note: This "About STAR 2000 Scores" is specific to the results for STAR 2000. For information about 1998 or 1999 STAR scores, see "About the Scores" for the year(s) of interest.

About the Scores Reported on the STAR 2000 Tests

Stanford 9
Stanford 9 scores are reported for the subjects tested at each grade level: for grades 2 through 8: reading, written expression, mathematics, spelling; for grades 9 through 11: reading, writing, mathematics, science, social science.

California Content Standards (STAR Augmentation)
California Content Standards scores are reported for language arts for grades 2 through 11. California Content Standards scores for mathematics are reported for all students for grades 2 through 7 and grade 11. Mathematics scores for grades 8, 9, and 10 are reported by mathematics course as specified in California's content standards: for grade 8, algebra I or 1st year integrated mathematics; grade 9, geometry or 2nd year integrated mathematics; and grade 10, algebra II or 3rd year integrated mathematics.

For grades 2 through 8 SABE/2 scores are reported for reading, language, mathematics, and spelling. For grades 9 through 11 scores are reported for reading, language, and mathematics.

Additional Information About STAR 2000 Scores