SABE/2 Test Results

In order to protect student confidentiality, no results are reported for any group of 10 or fewer students. Individual student results are not reported on this site. Individual results are available only to parents/guardians and may be obtained only from the schools and districts where students were tested.

Determine the test results you want to view – year and the school, district, county, or state; and the group and/or subgroup.

State Results

All Other Test Results

Note: Only counties, districts, and schools that had one or more students take the SABE/2 will be in the drop down menus.

For further information on SABE/2 scores, go to Term and Score Explanations.

Printing a Report

The summary reports are designed to fit on a standard letter size page in the portrait orientation. However, because printers and web browsers vary, you may need to adjust your print settings to ensure a proper fit. The following are some suggestions:

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