Download SABE/2 Research Files — 2005

All files are provided as comma-separated ASCII text files (CSV) with field names provided on the first line of the file. Large files may be compressed using the ZIP format.

In order to protect student confidentiality, no scores will be included for any group of ten or fewer students. Suppressed scores are indicated by an asterisk (*).

Use of these research files requires some expertise in data handling. Descriptions of the file formats, instructions for accessing the data, and key points to properly manage the data are contained at the following link:

Research File Download Instructions, Formats, File Layouts, and Usage

Download SABE/2 Research File Layout (PDF; 12KB 3pp.)

California Statewide Files

These files include data for the state, and all counties, districts, and schools.
Statewide data is only provided as either the "All Students" subgroup or All Subgroups.

Entity File / Lookup Tables



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