Charter School List - 2005

School Name District Name County Name Report Research File
Academia Semillas Academia Semillas Los Angeles Academia Semillas Report Academia Semillas Research Files
Alianza Charter Alianza Charter Santa Cruz Alianza Charter Report Alianza Charter Research Files
Arroyo Vista Charter Arroyo Vista Charter San Diego Arroyo Vista Charter Report Arroyo Vista Charter Research Files
Arundel Elementary Arundel Elementary San Mateo Arundel Elementary Report Arundel Elementary Research Files
Bert Corona Charter School Bert Corona Charter School Los Angeles Bert Corona Charter School Report Bert Corona Charter School Research Files
Bowling Green Elem (char) Bowling Green Elem (char) Sacramento Bowling Green Elem (char) Report Bowling Green Elem (char) Research Files
Cali Calmecac Charter Cali Calmecac Charter Sonoma Cali Calmecac Charter Report Cali Calmecac Charter Research Files
Camino Nuevo Camino Nuevo Los Angeles Camino Nuevo Report Camino Nuevo Research Files
Camino Nuevo Charter Middle Camino Nuevo Charter Middle Los Angeles Camino Nuevo Charter Middle Report Camino Nuevo Charter Middle Research Files
Chavez Cesar Estrada Charter Chavez Cesar Estrada Charter Santa Barbara Chavez Cesar Estrada Charter Report Chavez Cesar Estrada Charter Research Files
Chula Vista Charter Chula Vista Charter San Diego Chula Vista Charter Report Chula Vista Charter Research Files
Clear View Elem Clear View Elem San Diego Clear View Elem Report Clear View Elem Research Files
Darnall Elementary Char Darnall Elementary Char San Diego Darnall Elementary Char Report Darnall Elementary Char Research Files
Discovery Charter Discovery Charter San Diego Discovery Charter Report Discovery Charter Research Files
Dolores Huerta Learning Acad Dolores Huerta Learning Acad Alameda Dolores Huerta Learning Acad Report Dolores Huerta Learning Acad Research Files
Downtown College Preparatory Downtown College Preparatory Santa Clara Downtown College Preparatory Report Downtown College Preparatory Research Files
East Palo Alto Charter East Palo Alto Charter San Mateo East Palo Alto Charter Report East Palo Alto Charter Research Files
East Palo Alto High East Palo Alto High San Mateo East Palo Alto High Report East Palo Alto High Research Files
El Rancho Charter El Rancho Charter Orange El Rancho Charter Report El Rancho Charter Research Files
El Sol Santa Ana Science El Sol Santa Ana Science Orange El Sol Santa Ana Science Report El Sol Santa Ana Science Research Files
Escuela Popular Escuela Popular Santa Clara Escuela Popular Report Escuela Popular Research Files
Escuela Popular/center Escuela Popular/center Santa Clara Escuela Popular/center Report Escuela Popular/center Research Files
Fammatre Charter Fammatre Charter Santa Clara Fammatre Charter Report Fammatre Charter Research Files
Farnham Charter Farnham Charter Santa Clara Farnham Charter Report Farnham Charter Research Files
Feaster-edison Charter Feaster-edison Charter San Diego Feaster-edison Charter Report Feaster-edison Charter Research Files
Fenton Ave. Elem. (char) Fenton Ave. Elem. (char) Los Angeles Fenton Ave. Elem. (char) Report Fenton Ave. Elem. (char) Research Files
Garfield Charter (elem) Garfield Charter (elem) San Mateo Garfield Charter (elem) Report Garfield Charter (elem) Research Files
Gates (ralph A.) Elem. Gates (ralph A.) Elem. Orange Gates (ralph A.) Elem. Report Gates (ralph A.) Elem. Research Files
Grass Valley Charter Grass Valley Charter Nevada Grass Valley Charter Report Grass Valley Charter Research Files
Growing Children Charter Growing Children Charter Alameda Growing Children Charter Report Growing Children Charter Research Files
Helix High Helix High San Diego Helix High Report Helix High Research Files
Integrity Charter Integrity Charter San Diego Integrity Charter Report Integrity Charter Research Files
James L. Urbani James L. Urbani San Joaquin James L. Urbani Report James L. Urbani Research Files
Joe Serna, Jr. Charter Joe Serna, Jr. Charter San Joaquin Joe Serna, Jr. Charter Report Joe Serna, Jr. Charter Research Files
Kenny (father Keith B.) Elem. Kenny (father Keith B.) Elem. Sacramento Kenny (father Keith B.) Elem. Report Kenny (father Keith B.) Elem. Research Files
Kenter Cnyn Elem (char) Kenter Cnyn Elem (char) Los Angeles Kenter Cnyn Elem (char) Report Kenter Cnyn Elem (char) Research Files
Latino College Latino College Santa Clara Latino College Report Latino College Research Files
Leadership Public Schools Leadership Public Schools Contra Costa Leadership Public Schools Report Leadership Public Schools Research Files
Literacy First Literacy First San Diego Literacy First Report Literacy First Research Files
Los Angeles Leadership Los Angeles Leadership Los Angeles Los Angeles Leadership Report Los Angeles Leadership Research Files
Maac Community Charter Maac Community Charter San Diego Maac Community Charter Report Maac Community Charter Research Files
Mare Island Technology Academy Mare Island Technology Academy Solano Mare Island Technology Academy Report Mare Island Technology Academy Research Files
Memorial Academy Charter Memorial Academy Charter San Diego Memorial Academy Charter Report Memorial Academy Charter Research Files
Montague St. Elem. (char) Montague St. Elem. (char) Los Angeles Montague St. Elem. (char) Report Montague St. Elem. (char) Research Files
Mueller Elementary Charter Mueller Elementary Charter San Diego Mueller Elementary Charter Report Mueller Elementary Charter Research Files
Napa Valley Language Acad. Napa Valley Language Acad. Napa Napa Valley Language Acad. Report Napa Valley Language Acad. Research Files
New City New City Los Angeles New City Report New City Research Files
O'farrell Community Chart O'farrell Community Chart San Diego O'farrell Community Chart Report O'farrell Community Chart Research Files
Pacoima Charter Elementary Pacoima Charter Elementary Los Angeles Pacoima Charter Elementary Report Pacoima Charter Elementary Research Files
Para Los Ninos Charter Para Los Ninos Charter Los Angeles Para Los Ninos Charter Report Para Los Ninos Charter Research Files
Peabody Charter Peabody Charter Santa Barbara Peabody Charter Report Peabody Charter Research Files
Phillips-edison Charter #137 Phillips-edison Charter #137 Napa Phillips-edison Charter #137 Report Phillips-edison Charter #137 Research Files
Price Charter Middle Price Charter Middle Santa Clara Price Charter Middle Report Price Charter Middle Research Files
Santa Monica Boulevard Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles Santa Monica Boulevard Report Santa Monica Boulevard Research Files
Santiago Middle (char) Santiago Middle (char) Orange Santiago Middle (char) Report Santiago Middle (char) Research Files
Sbe-edison Charter Academy Sbe-edison Charter Academy San Francisco Sbe-edison Charter Academy Report Sbe-edison Charter Academy Research Files
Shearer Charter Shearer Charter Napa Shearer Charter Report Shearer Charter Research Files
Sherman Oaks Elementary Sherman Oaks Elementary Santa Clara Sherman Oaks Elementary Report Sherman Oaks Elementary Research Files
Sonoma Charter (elem) Sonoma Charter (elem) Sonoma Sonoma Charter (elem) Report Sonoma Charter (elem) Research Files
Sunset Elementary Sunset Elementary Fresno Sunset Elementary Report Sunset Elementary Research Files
The Language Academy Of Sacto. The Language Academy Of Sacto. Sacramento The Language Academy Of Sacto. Report The Language Academy Of Sacto. Research Files
Tubman Village Charter 46 Tubman Village Charter 46 San Diego Tubman Village Charter 46 Report Tubman Village Charter 46 Research Files
Washington (george) Charter Washington (george) Charter Riverside Washington (george) Charter Report Washington (george) Charter Research Files
White Oaks Elementary White Oaks Elementary San Mateo White Oaks Elementary Report White Oaks Elementary Research Files