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Spanish Assessment of Basic Education (SABE/2)

SABE/2 Test Results   |   SABE/2 Summary Research Files

Between spring 1999 and spring 2005, districts were required to administer the SABE/2 to Spanish-speaking English learners (ELs) in grades two through eleven who were enrolled in California public schools fewer than 12 months when the tests were administered. Districts had the option of testing Spanish-speaking English learners who were enrolled in a California public school 12 months or more when the tests were administered. The tests were administered between March 15 and May 14 of each year. Students in grades two through eleven were tested in Spanish reading and language, as well as mathematics in Spanish. Students in grades two through eight were also tested in Spanish spelling. Students were required to take the SABE/2 in addition to taking the required state achievement tests in English for their grades. SABE/2 summary results are available for:

  • All Spanish-speaking English learners tested
  • Mandated students (English learners enrolled fewer than 12 months)
  • Non-mandated students (English learners enrolled 12 months or more)
  • Females
  • Males
  • Economically disadvantaged students
  • Non-economically disadvantaged students
  • Students with disabilities tested under standard conditions

Some districts may have administered the SABE/2 to students learning Spanish whose first language was English or who were fluent in English. These children were not tested as part of the state’s STAR Program, and test results for them are not included in the summary reports.