District List - 2008

District Name County Name Report Research File
ABC Unified Los Angeles ABC Unified Results Report ABC Unified Research Files
Academia Semillas Los Angeles Academia Semillas Results Report Academia Semillas Research Files
Academia Semillas Los Angeles Academia Semillas Results Report Academia Semillas Research Files
Acalanes Union High Contra Costa Acalanes Union High Results Report Acalanes Union High Research Files
Adelanto Elementary San Bernardino Adelanto Elementary Results Report Adelanto Elementary Research Files
Alameda City Unified Alameda Alameda City Unified Results Report Alameda City Unified Research Files
Albany City Unified Alameda Albany City Unified Results Report Albany City Unified Research Files
Alianza Charter Santa Cruz Alianza Charter Results Report Alianza Charter Research Files
Alum Rock Union Elem Santa Clara Alum Rock Union Elem Results Report Alum Rock Union Elem Research Files
Alvord Unified Riverside Alvord Unified Results Report Alvord Unified Research Files
Amador County Unified Amador Amador County Unified Results Report Amador County Unified Research Files
Anaheim Union High Orange Anaheim Union High Results Report Anaheim Union High Research Files
Anderson Valley Unified Mendocino Anderson Valley Unified Results Report Anderson Valley Unified Research Files
Animo Justice Charter High Los Angeles Animo Justice Charter High Results Report Animo Justice Charter High Research Files
Animo Justice Charter High Los Angeles Animo Justice Charter High Results Report Animo Justice Charter High Research Files
Antelope Valley High Los Angeles Antelope Valley High Results Report Antelope Valley High Research Files
Antioch Unified Contra Costa Antioch Unified Results Report Antioch Unified Research Files
Aromas/San Juan Unified San Benito Aromas/San Juan Unified Results Report Aromas/San Juan Unified Research Files
Arvin Union Elementary Kern Arvin Union Elementary Results Report Arvin Union Elementary Research Files
Atascadero Unified San Luis Obispo Atascadero Unified Results Report Atascadero Unified Research Files
Auburn Union Elementary Placer Auburn Union Elementary Results Report Auburn Union Elementary Research Files
Azusa Unified Los Angeles Azusa Unified Results Report Azusa Unified Research Files
Bakersfield City Kern Bakersfield City Results Report Bakersfield City Research Files
Baldwin Park Unified Los Angeles Baldwin Park Unified Results Report Baldwin Park Unified Research Files
Banning Unified Riverside Banning Unified Results Report Banning Unified Research Files
Barstow Unified San Bernardino Barstow Unified Results Report Barstow Unified Research Files
Bassett Unified Los Angeles Bassett Unified Results Report Bassett Unified Research Files
Bear Valley Unified San Bernardino Bear Valley Unified Results Report Bear Valley Unified Research Files
Beaumont Unified Riverside Beaumont Unified Results Report Beaumont Unified Research Files
Bellflower Unified Los Angeles Bellflower Unified Results Report Bellflower Unified Research Files
Bishop Joint Union High Inyo Bishop Joint Union High Results Report Bishop Joint Union High Research Files
Bishop Union Elementary Inyo Bishop Union Elementary Results Report Bishop Union Elementary Research Files
Bonita Unified Los Angeles Bonita Unified Results Report Bonita Unified Research Files
Brawley Elementary Imperial Brawley Elementary Results Report Brawley Elementary Research Files
Brawley Union High Imperial Brawley Union High Results Report Brawley Union High Research Files
Brea-Olinda Unified Orange Brea-Olinda Unified Results Report Brea-Olinda Unified Research Files
Brentwood Union Elem. Contra Costa Brentwood Union Elem. Results Report Brentwood Union Elem. Research Files
Bret Harte Union High Calaveras Bret Harte Union High Results Report Bret Harte Union High Research Files
Burbank Unified Los Angeles Burbank Unified Results Report Burbank Unified Research Files
Buttonwillow Union Elem Kern Buttonwillow Union Elem Results Report Buttonwillow Union Elem Research Files
Ca Youth Authority Ca Youth Authority Ca Youth Authority Results Report Ca Youth Authority Research Files
Cabrillo Unified San Mateo Cabrillo Unified Results Report Cabrillo Unified Research Files
Cajon Valley Union Elem San Diego Cajon Valley Union Elem Results Report Cajon Valley Union Elem Research Files
Calexico Unified Imperial Calexico Unified Results Report Calexico Unified Research Files
Cali Calmecac Language Academy Sonoma Cali Calmecac Language Academy Results Report Cali Calmecac Language Academy Research Files
Calipatria Unified Imperial Calipatria Unified Results Report Calipatria Unified Research Files
Campbell Union Elem Santa Clara Campbell Union Elem Results Report Campbell Union Elem Research Files
Campbell Union Elementary Santa Clara Campbell Union Elementary Results Report Campbell Union Elementary Research Files
Campbell Union Elementary Santa Clara Campbell Union Elementary Results Report Campbell Union Elementary Research Files
Campbell Union High Santa Clara Campbell Union High Results Report Campbell Union High Research Files
Capistrano Unified Orange Capistrano Unified Results Report Capistrano Unified Research Files
Carlsbad Unified San Diego Carlsbad Unified Results Report Carlsbad Unified Research Files
Carpinteria Unified Santa Barbara Carpinteria Unified Results Report Carpinteria Unified Research Files
Castaic Union Elementary Los Angeles Castaic Union Elementary Results Report Castaic Union Elementary Research Files
Castro Valley Unified Alameda Castro Valley Unified Results Report Castro Valley Unified Research Files
Centinela Valley High Los Angeles Centinela Valley High Results Report Centinela Valley High Research Files
Central Elementary San Bernardino Central Elementary Results Report Central Elementary Research Files
Central Unified Fresno Central Unified Results Report Central Unified Research Files
Central Union High Imperial Central Union High Results Report Central Union High Research Files
Ceres Unified Stanislaus Ceres Unified Results Report Ceres Unified Research Files
Chaffey Joint Union High San Bernardino Chaffey Joint Union High Results Report Chaffey Joint Union High Research Files
Charter Oak Unified Los Angeles Charter Oak Unified Results Report Charter Oak Unified Research Files
Chico Unified Butte Chico Unified Results Report Chico Unified Research Files
Chino Valley Unified San Bernardino Chino Valley Unified Results Report Chino Valley Unified Research Files
Chowchilla Elementary Madera Chowchilla Elementary Results Report Chowchilla Elementary Research Files
Chowchilla Union High Madera Chowchilla Union High Results Report Chowchilla Union High Research Files
Chualar Union Elementary Monterey Chualar Union Elementary Results Report Chualar Union Elementary Research Files
Claremont Unified Los Angeles Claremont Unified Results Report Claremont Unified Research Files
Cloverdale Unified Sonoma Cloverdale Unified Results Report Cloverdale Unified Research Files
Clovis Unified Fresno Clovis Unified Results Report Clovis Unified Research Files
Coachella Valley Unified Riverside Coachella Valley Unified Results Report Coachella Valley Unified Research Files
Coalinga/Huron Unified Fresno Coalinga/Huron Unified Results Report Coalinga/Huron Unified Research Files
Colton Joint Unified San Bernardino Colton Joint Unified Results Report Colton Joint Unified Research Files
Conejo Valley Unified Ventura Conejo Valley Unified Results Report Conejo Valley Unified Research Files
Corcoran Joint Unified Kings Corcoran Joint Unified Results Report Corcoran Joint Unified Research Files
Corning Union Elementary Tehama Corning Union Elementary Results Report Corning Union Elementary Research Files
Corning Union High Tehama Corning Union High Results Report Corning Union High Research Files
Coronado Unified San Diego Coronado Unified Results Report Coronado Unified Research Files
Corona-Norco Unified Riverside Corona-Norco Unified Results Report Corona-Norco Unified Research Files
Cotati-Rohnert Park Unif Sonoma Cotati-Rohnert Park Unif Results Report Cotati-Rohnert Park Unif Research Files
Covina-Valley Unified Los Angeles Covina-Valley Unified Results Report Covina-Valley Unified Research Files
Culver City Unified Los Angeles Culver City Unified Results Report Culver City Unified Research Files
Cutler-Orosi Joint Unif Tulare Cutler-Orosi Joint Unif Results Report Cutler-Orosi Joint Unif Research Files
Cuyama Joint Unified Santa Barbara Cuyama Joint Unified Results Report Cuyama Joint Unified Research Files
Delano Joint Union High Kern Delano Joint Union High Results Report Delano Joint Union High Research Files
Delano Union Elementary Kern Delano Union Elementary Results Report Delano Union Elementary Research Files
Denair Unified Stanislaus Denair Unified Results Report Denair Unified Research Files
Desert Sands Unified Riverside Desert Sands Unified Results Report Desert Sands Unified Research Files
Dinuba Unified Tulare Dinuba Unified Results Report Dinuba Unified Research Files
Dixie Elementary Marin Dixie Elementary Results Report Dixie Elementary Research Files
Downey Unified Los Angeles Downey Unified Results Report Downey Unified Research Files
Duarte Unified Los Angeles Duarte Unified Results Report Duarte Unified Research Files
Dublin Unified Alameda Dublin Unified Results Report Dublin Unified Research Files
Durham Unified Butte Durham Unified Results Report Durham Unified Research Files
Earlimart Elementary Tulare Earlimart Elementary Results Report Earlimart Elementary Research Files
East Side Union High Santa Clara East Side Union High Results Report East Side Union High Research Files
Edison-Ronald McNair San Mateo Edison-Ronald McNair Results Report Edison-Ronald McNair Research Files
El Centro Elementary Imperial El Centro Elementary Results Report El Centro Elementary Research Files
El Dorado Union High El Dorado El Dorado Union High Results Report El Dorado Union High Research Files
El Monte City Elementary Los Angeles El Monte City Elementary Results Report El Monte City Elementary Research Files
El Monte Union High Los Angeles El Monte Union High Results Report El Monte Union High Research Files
El Rancho Unified Los Angeles El Rancho Unified Results Report El Rancho Unified Research Files
Elk Grove Unified Sacramento Elk Grove Unified Results Report Elk Grove Unified Research Files
Empire Union Elementary Stanislaus Empire Union Elementary Results Report Empire Union Elementary Research Files
Escalon Unified San Joaquin Escalon Unified Results Report Escalon Unified Research Files
Escondido Union Elem San Diego Escondido Union Elem Results Report Escondido Union Elem Research Files
Escondido Union High San Diego Escondido Union High Results Report Escondido Union High Research Files
Escuela Popular Santa Clara Escuela Popular Results Report Escuela Popular Research Files
Escuela Popular Santa Clara Escuela Popular Results Report Escuela Popular Research Files
Escuela Popular/Center Santa Clara Escuela Popular/Center Results Report Escuela Popular/Center Research Files
Escuela Popular/Center for Training and Careers Santa Clara Escuela Popular/Center for Training and Careers Results Report Escuela Popular/Center for Training and Careers Research Files
Etiwanda Elementary San Bernardino Etiwanda Elementary Results Report Etiwanda Elementary Research Files
Eureka City Unified Humboldt Eureka City Unified Results Report Eureka City Unified Research Files
Eureka Union Placer Eureka Union Results Report Eureka Union Research Files
Evergreen Elementary Santa Clara Evergreen Elementary Results Report Evergreen Elementary Research Files
Fairfax Elementary Kern Fairfax Elementary Results Report Fairfax Elementary Research Files
Fairfield-Suisun Unified Solano Fairfield-Suisun Unified Results Report Fairfield-Suisun Unified Research Files
Fallbrook Union Elem San Diego Fallbrook Union Elem Results Report Fallbrook Union Elem Research Files
Farmersville Unified Tulare Farmersville Unified Results Report Farmersville Unified Research Files
Fillmore Unified Ventura Fillmore Unified Results Report Fillmore Unified Research Files
Firebaugh-Las Deltas Join Fresno Firebaugh-Las Deltas Join Results Report Firebaugh-Las Deltas Join Research Files
Folsom-Cordova Unified Sacramento Folsom-Cordova Unified Results Report Folsom-Cordova Unified Research Files
Fontana Unified San Bernardino Fontana Unified Results Report Fontana Unified Research Files
Fort Bragg Unified Mendocino Fort Bragg Unified Results Report Fort Bragg Unified Research Files
Franklin-McKinley Elem Santa Clara Franklin-McKinley Elem Results Report Franklin-McKinley Elem Research Files
Fremont Unified Alameda Fremont Unified Results Report Fremont Unified Research Files
Fremont Union High Santa Clara Fremont Union High Results Report Fremont Union High Research Files
Fresno Unified Fresno Fresno Unified Results Report Fresno Unified Research Files
Fresno Unified Fresno Fresno Unified Results Report Fresno Unified Research Files
Fullerton Elementary Orange Fullerton Elementary Results Report Fullerton Elementary Research Files
Fullerton Jt. Un. High Orange Fullerton Jt. Un. High Results Report Fullerton Jt. Un. High Research Files
Galt Joint Union Elem Sacramento Galt Joint Union Elem Results Report Galt Joint Union Elem Research Files
Garden Grove Unified Orange Garden Grove Unified Results Report Garden Grove Unified Research Files
Geyserville Unified Sonoma Geyserville Unified Results Report Geyserville Unified Research Files
Glendale Unified Los Angeles Glendale Unified Results Report Glendale Unified Research Files
Golden Plains Unified Fresno Golden Plains Unified Results Report Golden Plains Unified Research Files
Gompers Charter Middle San Diego Gompers Charter Middle Results Report Gompers Charter Middle Research Files
Gompers Charter Middle San Diego Gompers Charter Middle Results Report Gompers Charter Middle Research Files
Granada Hills Charter High Los Angeles Granada Hills Charter High Results Report Granada Hills Charter High Research Files
Granada Hills Charter High Los Angeles Granada Hills Charter High Results Report Granada Hills Charter High Research Files
Grass Valley Elementary Nevada Grass Valley Elementary Results Report Grass Valley Elementary Research Files
Greenfield Union Elem Kern Greenfield Union Elem Results Report Greenfield Union Elem Research Files
Grossmont Union High San Diego Grossmont Union High Results Report Grossmont Union High Research Files
Grossmont Union High San Diego Grossmont Union High Results Report Grossmont Union High Research Files
Guerneville Elementary Sonoma Guerneville Elementary Results Report Guerneville Elementary Research Files
Gustine Unified Merced Gustine Unified Results Report Gustine Unified Research Files
Hacienda la Puente Unif Los Angeles Hacienda la Puente Unif Results Report Hacienda la Puente Unif Research Files
Hamilton Union Elem Glenn Hamilton Union Elem Results Report Hamilton Union Elem Research Files
Hanford Jt. Un. High Kings Hanford Jt. Un. High Results Report Hanford Jt. Un. High Research Files
Hawthorne Elementary Los Angeles Hawthorne Elementary Results Report Hawthorne Elementary Research Files
Hayward Unified Alameda Hayward Unified Results Report Hayward Unified Research Files
Healdsburg Unified Sonoma Healdsburg Unified Results Report Healdsburg Unified Research Files
Heber Elementary Imperial Heber Elementary Results Report Heber Elementary Research Files
Helix High San Diego Helix High Results Report Helix High Research Files
Helix High San Diego Helix High Results Report Helix High Research Files
Hemet Unified Riverside Hemet Unified Results Report Hemet Unified Research Files
Hesperia Unified San Bernardino Hesperia Unified Results Report Hesperia Unified Research Files
Hilmar Unified Merced Hilmar Unified Results Report Hilmar Unified Research Files
Holtville Unified Imperial Holtville Unified Results Report Holtville Unified Research Files
Horizon Charter Placer Horizon Charter Results Report Horizon Charter Research Files
Horizon Charter Placer Horizon Charter Results Report Horizon Charter Research Files
Hueneme Elementary Ventura Hueneme Elementary Results Report Hueneme Elementary Research Files
Hughson Unified Stanislaus Hughson Unified Results Report Hughson Unified Research Files
Huntington Beach City Orange Huntington Beach City Results Report Huntington Beach City Research Files
Imperial Unified Imperial Imperial Unified Results Report Imperial Unified Research Files
Inglewood Unified Los Angeles Inglewood Unified Results Report Inglewood Unified Research Files
Jamul-Dulzura Union Elem San Diego Jamul-Dulzura Union Elem Results Report Jamul-Dulzura Union Elem Research Files
Jefferson Elementary San Mateo Jefferson Elementary Results Report Jefferson Elementary Research Files
Jurupa Unified Riverside Jurupa Unified Results Report Jurupa Unified Research Files
Kelseyville Unified Lake Kelseyville Unified Results Report Kelseyville Unified Research Files
Keppel Union Elementary Los Angeles Keppel Union Elementary Results Report Keppel Union Elementary Research Files
Kerman Unified Fresno Kerman Unified Results Report Kerman Unified Research Files
Kern Union High Kern Kern Union High Results Report Kern Union High Research Files
King City Jt. Un. High Monterey King City Jt. Un. High Results Report King City Jt. Un. High Research Files
King City Union Elem Monterey King City Union Elem Results Report King City Union Elem Research Files
Kings Canyon Unified Fresno Kings Canyon Unified Results Report Kings Canyon Unified Research Files
Konocti Unified Lake Konocti Unified Results Report Konocti Unified Research Files
La Habra City Elementary Orange La Habra City Elementary Results Report La Habra City Elementary Research Files
La Mesa-Spring Valley San Diego La Mesa-Spring Valley Results Report La Mesa-Spring Valley Research Files
Lake Tahoe Unified El Dorado Lake Tahoe Unified Results Report Lake Tahoe Unified Research Files
Lamont Elementary Kern Lamont Elementary Results Report Lamont Elementary Research Files
Lancaster Elementary Los Angeles Lancaster Elementary Results Report Lancaster Elementary Research Files
Las Virgenes Unified Los Angeles Las Virgenes Unified Results Report Las Virgenes Unified Research Files
Laton Joint Unified Fresno Laton Joint Unified Results Report Laton Joint Unified Research Files
Lemon Grove Elementary San Diego Lemon Grove Elementary Results Report Lemon Grove Elementary Research Files
Lemoore Union High Kings Lemoore Union High Results Report Lemoore Union High Research Files
Lennox Elementary Los Angeles Lennox Elementary Results Report Lennox Elementary Research Files
Liberty Union High Contra Costa Liberty Union High Results Report Liberty Union High Research Files
Lincoln Unified San Joaquin Lincoln Unified Results Report Lincoln Unified Research Files
Lindsay Unified Tulare Lindsay Unified Results Report Lindsay Unified Research Files
Live Oak Elementary Santa Cruz Live Oak Elementary Results Report Live Oak Elementary Research Files
Live Oak Unified Sutter Live Oak Unified Results Report Live Oak Unified Research Files
Livermore Valley Unified Alameda Livermore Valley Unified Results Report Livermore Valley Unified Research Files
Livingston Union Elem Merced Livingston Union Elem Results Report Livingston Union Elem Research Files
Lodi Unified San Joaquin Lodi Unified Results Report Lodi Unified Research Files
Loma Prieta Jointt Un Elem Santa Clara Loma Prieta Jointt Un Elem Results Report Loma Prieta Jointt Un Elem Research Files
Lompoc Unified Santa Barbara Lompoc Unified Results Report Lompoc Unified Research Files
Lone Pine Unified Inyo Lone Pine Unified Results Report Lone Pine Unified Research Files
Long Beach Unified Los Angeles Long Beach Unified Results Report Long Beach Unified Research Files
Long Beach Unified Los Angeles Long Beach Unified Results Report Long Beach Unified Research Files
Los Angeles County Off of Edu Los Angeles Los Angeles County Off of Edu Results Report Los Angeles County Off of Edu Research Files
Los Angeles Unified Los Angeles Los Angeles Unified Results Report Los Angeles Unified Research Files
Los Angeles Unified Los Angeles Los Angeles Unified Results Report Los Angeles Unified Research Files
Los Banos Unified Merced Los Banos Unified Results Report Los Banos Unified Research Files
Los Molinos Unified Tehama Los Molinos Unified Results Report Los Molinos Unified Research Files
Los Nietos Los Angeles Los Nietos Results Report Los Nietos Research Files
Lucia Mar Unified San Luis Obispo Lucia Mar Unified Results Report Lucia Mar Unified Research Files
Lynwood Unified Los Angeles Lynwood Unified Results Report Lynwood Unified Research Files
MAAC Community Charter San Diego MAAC Community Charter Results Report MAAC Community Charter Research Files
Madera Unified Madera Madera Unified Results Report Madera Unified Research Files
Mammoth Olympic Academy Mono Mammoth Olympic Academy Results Report Mammoth Olympic Academy Research Files
Mammoth Unified Mono Mammoth Unified Results Report Mammoth Unified Research Files
Mare Island Technology Solano Mare Island Technology Results Report Mare Island Technology Research Files
Mariposa County Unified Mariposa Mariposa County Unified Results Report Mariposa County Unified Research Files
Martinez Unified Contra Costa Martinez Unified Results Report Martinez Unified Research Files
Marysville Joint Unified Yuba Marysville Joint Unified Results Report Marysville Joint Unified Research Files
McFarland Unified Kern McFarland Unified Results Report McFarland Unified Research Files
McKinleyville Union Elem Humboldt McKinleyville Union Elem Results Report McKinleyville Union Elem Research Files
Meadows Union Elementary Imperial Meadows Union Elementary Results Report Meadows Union Elementary Research Files
Mendota Unified Fresno Mendota Unified Results Report Mendota Unified Research Files
Menifee Union Elementary Riverside Menifee Union Elementary Results Report Menifee Union Elementary Research Files
Merced Union High Merced Merced Union High Results Report Merced Union High Research Files
Milpitas Unified Santa Clara Milpitas Unified Results Report Milpitas Unified Research Files
Modesto City Elementary Stanislaus Modesto City Elementary Results Report Modesto City Elementary Research Files
Modesto City High Stanislaus Modesto City High Results Report Modesto City High Research Files
Montebello Unified Los Angeles Montebello Unified Results Report Montebello Unified Research Files
Monterey Peninsula Unif. Monterey Monterey Peninsula Unif. Results Report Monterey Peninsula Unif. Research Files
Moorpark Unified Ventura Moorpark Unified Results Report Moorpark Unified Research Files
Moreland Elementary Santa Clara Moreland Elementary Results Report Moreland Elementary Research Files
Moreno Valley Unified Riverside Moreno Valley Unified Results Report Moreno Valley Unified Research Files
Morgan Hill Unified Santa Clara Morgan Hill Unified Results Report Morgan Hill Unified Research Files
Morongo Unified San Bernardino Morongo Unified Results Report Morongo Unified Research Files
Mountain View Elem Los Angeles Mountain View Elem Results Report Mountain View Elem Research Files
Mountain View Elementary San Bernardino Mountain View Elementary Results Report Mountain View Elementary Research Files
Mountain View Whisman Santa Clara Mountain View Whisman Results Report Mountain View Whisman Research Files
Mountain View-Los Altos Santa Clara Mountain View-Los Altos Results Report Mountain View-Los Altos Research Files
Mt. Diablo Unified Contra Costa Mt. Diablo Unified Results Report Mt. Diablo Unified Research Files
Murrieta Valley Unified Riverside Murrieta Valley Unified Results Report Murrieta Valley Unified Research Files
Napa Valley Unified Napa Napa Valley Unified Results Report Napa Valley Unified Research Files
Nevada Joint Union High Nevada Nevada Joint Union High Results Report Nevada Joint Union High Research Files
New Haven Unified Alameda New Haven Unified Results Report New Haven Unified Research Files
Newark Unified Alameda Newark Unified Results Report Newark Unified Research Files
Newman-Crows Landing Stanislaus Newman-Crows Landing Results Report Newman-Crows Landing Research Files
North Monterey Monterey North Monterey Results Report North Monterey Research Files
North Sacramento Elem Sacramento North Sacramento Elem Results Report North Sacramento Elem Research Files
North Valley Charter Academy Los Angeles North Valley Charter Academy Results Report North Valley Charter Academy Research Files
Novato Unified Marin Novato Unified Results Report Novato Unified Research Files
Oak Grove Elementary Santa Clara Oak Grove Elementary Results Report Oak Grove Elementary Research Files
Oakdale Joint Unified Stanislaus Oakdale Joint Unified Results Report Oakdale Joint Unified Research Files
Oakland Unified Alameda Oakland Unified Results Report Oakland Unified Research Files
Ocean View Orange Ocean View Results Report Ocean View Research Files
Ocean View Elementary Ventura Ocean View Elementary Results Report Ocean View Elementary Research Files
Oceanside Unified San Diego Oceanside Unified Results Report Oceanside Unified Research Files
Ojai Unified Ventura Ojai Unified Results Report Ojai Unified Research Files
Ontario-Montclair Elem San Bernardino Ontario-Montclair Elem Results Report Ontario-Montclair Elem Research Files
Orange Unified Orange Orange Unified Results Report Orange Unified Research Files
Orange Unified Orange Orange Unified Results Report Orange Unified Research Files
Orland Joint Unified Glenn Orland Joint Unified Results Report Orland Joint Unified Research Files
Oro Grande Elementary San Bernardino Oro Grande Elementary Results Report Oro Grande Elementary Research Files
Oroville City Elementary Butte Oroville City Elementary Results Report Oroville City Elementary Research Files
Oroville Union High Butte Oroville Union High Results Report Oroville Union High Research Files
Oxnard Elementary Ventura Oxnard Elementary Results Report Oxnard Elementary Research Files
Oxnard Union High Ventura Oxnard Union High Results Report Oxnard Union High Research Files
Pajaro Valley Unified Santa Cruz Pajaro Valley Unified Results Report Pajaro Valley Unified Research Files
Palm Springs Unified Riverside Palm Springs Unified Results Report Palm Springs Unified Research Files
Palo Verde Unified Riverside Palo Verde Unified Results Report Palo Verde Unified Research Files
Palo Verde Union Elem Tulare Palo Verde Union Elem Results Report Palo Verde Union Elem Research Files
Panoche Elementary San Benito Panoche Elementary Results Report Panoche Elementary Research Files
Paramount Unified Los Angeles Paramount Unified Results Report Paramount Unified Research Files
Pasadena Unified Los Angeles Pasadena Unified Results Report Pasadena Unified Research Files
Paso Robles Joint Unified San Luis Obispo Paso Robles Joint Unified Results Report Paso Robles Joint Unified Research Files
Patterson Joint Unified Stanislaus Patterson Joint Unified Results Report Patterson Joint Unified Research Files
Perris Union High Riverside Perris Union High Results Report Perris Union High Research Files
Petaluma Jt Un High Sonoma Petaluma Jt Un High Results Report Petaluma Jt Un High Research Files
Pierce Joint Unified Colusa Pierce Joint Unified Results Report Pierce Joint Unified Research Files
Piner-Olivet Union Elem Sonoma Piner-Olivet Union Elem Results Report Piner-Olivet Union Elem Research Files
Piner-Olivet Union Elementary Sonoma Piner-Olivet Union Elementary Results Report Piner-Olivet Union Elementary Research Files
Pittsburg Unified Contra Costa Pittsburg Unified Results Report Pittsburg Unified Research Files
Pixley Union Elementary Tulare Pixley Union Elementary Results Report Pixley Union Elementary Research Files
Placer County Off. of Edu Placer Placer County Off. of Edu Results Report Placer County Off. of Edu Research Files
Placer Union High Placer Placer Union High Results Report Placer Union High Research Files
Pleasant Valley Ventura Pleasant Valley Results Report Pleasant Valley Research Files
Pleasant View Elementary Tulare Pleasant View Elementary Results Report Pleasant View Elementary Research Files
Pomona Unified Los Angeles Pomona Unified Results Report Pomona Unified Research Files
Porterville Unified Tulare Porterville Unified Results Report Porterville Unified Research Files
Poway Unified San Diego Poway Unified Results Report Poway Unified Research Files
Ramona City Unified San Diego Ramona City Unified Results Report Ramona City Unified Research Files
Ravenswood City Elem San Mateo Ravenswood City Elem Results Report Ravenswood City Elem Research Files
Red Bluff Jt Union High Tehama Red Bluff Jt Union High Results Report Red Bluff Jt Union High Research Files
Redlands Unified San Bernardino Redlands Unified Results Report Redlands Unified Research Files
Redwood City Elementary San Mateo Redwood City Elementary Results Report Redwood City Elementary Research Files
Redwood City Elementary San Mateo Redwood City Elementary Results Report Redwood City Elementary Research Files
Reef-Sunset Unified Kings Reef-Sunset Unified Results Report Reef-Sunset Unified Research Files
Rialto Unified San Bernardino Rialto Unified Results Report Rialto Unified Research Files
Rio Elementary Ventura Rio Elementary Results Report Rio Elementary Research Files
River Delta Joint Unif Sacramento River Delta Joint Unif Results Report River Delta Joint Unif Research Files
Riverbank Unified Stanislaus Riverbank Unified Results Report Riverbank Unified Research Files
Riverdale Jt. Unified Fresno Riverdale Jt. Unified Results Report Riverdale Jt. Unified Research Files
Riverside Preparatory San Bernardino Riverside Preparatory Results Report Riverside Preparatory Research Files
Riverside Unified Riverside Riverside Unified Results Report Riverside Unified Research Files
Rockford Elementary Tulare Rockford Elementary Results Report Rockford Elementary Research Files
Roseville City Elem Placer Roseville City Elem Results Report Roseville City Elem Research Files
Roseville Jt. Un. High Placer Roseville Jt. Un. High Results Report Roseville Jt. Un. High Research Files
Rowland Unified Los Angeles Rowland Unified Results Report Rowland Unified Research Files
Sacramento City Unified Sacramento Sacramento City Unified Results Report Sacramento City Unified Research Files
Sacramento City Unified Sacramento Sacramento City Unified Results Report Sacramento City Unified Research Files
Saddleback Valley Unif Orange Saddleback Valley Unif Results Report Saddleback Valley Unif Research Files
Salida Union Elementary Stanislaus Salida Union Elementary Results Report Salida Union Elementary Research Files
Salinas Union High Monterey Salinas Union High Results Report Salinas Union High Research Files
San Benito High San Benito San Benito High Results Report San Benito High Research Files
San Bernardino City Unif San Bernardino San Bernardino City Unif Results Report San Bernardino City Unif Research Files
San Diego County Off. Edu San Diego San Diego County Off. Edu Results Report San Diego County Off. Edu Research Files
San Diego Unified San Diego San Diego Unified Results Report San Diego Unified Research Files
San Diego Unified San Diego San Diego Unified Results Report San Diego Unified Research Files
San Dieguito Union High San Diego San Dieguito Union High Results Report San Dieguito Union High Research Files
San Francisco Unified San Francisco San Francisco Unified Results Report San Francisco Unified Research Files
San Jacinto Unified Riverside San Jacinto Unified Results Report San Jacinto Unified Research Files
San Jose Unified Santa Clara San Jose Unified Results Report San Jose Unified Research Files
San Juan Unified Sacramento San Juan Unified Results Report San Juan Unified Research Files
San Leandro Unified Alameda San Leandro Unified Results Report San Leandro Unified Research Files
San Lorenzo Unified Alameda San Lorenzo Unified Results Report San Lorenzo Unified Research Files
San Lorenzo Valley Unif Santa Cruz San Lorenzo Valley Unif Results Report San Lorenzo Valley Unif Research Files
San Luis Coastal Unified San Luis Obispo San Luis Coastal Unified Results Report San Luis Coastal Unified Research Files
San Mateo Union High San Mateo San Mateo Union High Results Report San Mateo Union High Research Files
San Mateo-Foster City San Mateo San Mateo-Foster City Results Report San Mateo-Foster City Research Files
San Pasqual Valley Unif Imperial San Pasqual Valley Unif Results Report San Pasqual Valley Unif Research Files
San Rafael City Elem Marin San Rafael City Elem Results Report San Rafael City Elem Research Files
San Rafael City High Marin San Rafael City High Results Report San Rafael City High Research Files
San Ramon Valley Unified Contra Costa San Ramon Valley Unified Results Report San Ramon Valley Unified Research Files
San Ysidro Elementary San Diego San Ysidro Elementary Results Report San Ysidro Elementary Research Files
Sanger Unified Fresno Sanger Unified Results Report Sanger Unified Research Files
Santa Barbara High Santa Barbara Santa Barbara High Results Report Santa Barbara High Research Files
Santa Clara Unified Santa Clara Santa Clara Unified Results Report Santa Clara Unified Research Files
Santa Cruz City High Santa Cruz Santa Cruz City High Results Report Santa Cruz City High Research Files
Santa Maria Jt Un High Santa Barbara Santa Maria Jt Un High Results Report Santa Maria Jt Un High Research Files
Santa Maria-Bonita Elem Santa Barbara Santa Maria-Bonita Elem Results Report Santa Maria-Bonita Elem Research Files
Santa Paula Elementary Ventura Santa Paula Elementary Results Report Santa Paula Elementary Research Files
Santa Paula Union High Ventura Santa Paula Union High Results Report Santa Paula Union High Research Files
Santa Rita Union Elem Monterey Santa Rita Union Elem Results Report Santa Rita Union Elem Research Files
Santa Rosa High Sonoma Santa Rosa High Results Report Santa Rosa High Research Files
Saratoga Union Elem Santa Clara Saratoga Union Elem Results Report Saratoga Union Elem Research Files
Scotts Valley Unified Santa Cruz Scotts Valley Unified Results Report Scotts Valley Unified Research Files
Selma Unified Fresno Selma Unified Results Report Selma Unified Research Files
Sequoia Union High San Mateo Sequoia Union High Results Report Sequoia Union High Research Files
Shoreline Unified Marin Shoreline Unified Results Report Shoreline Unified Research Files
Sierra Sands Unified Kern Sierra Sands Unified Results Report Sierra Sands Unified Research Files
Simi Valley Unified Ventura Simi Valley Unified Results Report Simi Valley Unified Research Files
Smythe Academy Sacramento Smythe Academy Results Report Smythe Academy Research Files
Snowline Joint Unified San Bernardino Snowline Joint Unified Results Report Snowline Joint Unified Research Files
Solano County Off. of Edu Solano Solano County Off. of Edu Results Report Solano County Off. of Edu Research Files
Soledad Unified Monterey Soledad Unified Results Report Soledad Unified Research Files
Solvang Elementary Santa Barbara Solvang Elementary Results Report Solvang Elementary Research Files
Sonoma Valley Unified Sonoma Sonoma Valley Unified Results Report Sonoma Valley Unified Research Files
South San Francisco Unif San Mateo South San Francisco Unif Results Report South San Francisco Unif Research Files
Southern Kern Unified Kern Southern Kern Unified Results Report Southern Kern Unified Research Files
Stockton Unified San Joaquin Stockton Unified Results Report Stockton Unified Research Files
Strathmore Union Elem Tulare Strathmore Union Elem Results Report Strathmore Union Elem Research Files
Sunnyvale Santa Clara Sunnyvale Results Report Sunnyvale Research Files
Sweetwater Union High San Diego Sweetwater Union High Results Report Sweetwater Union High Research Files
Taft Union High Kern Taft Union High Results Report Taft Union High Research Files
Tahoe-Truckee Jt. Unified Placer Tahoe-Truckee Jt. Unified Results Report Tahoe-Truckee Jt. Unified Research Files
Tamalpais Union High Marin Tamalpais Union High Results Report Tamalpais Union High Research Files
Temecula Valley Unified Riverside Temecula Valley Unified Results Report Temecula Valley Unified Research Files
Temple City Unified Los Angeles Temple City Unified Results Report Temple City Unified Research Files
Terra Bella Union Elem Tulare Terra Bella Union Elem Results Report Terra Bella Union Elem Research Files
Torrance Unified Los Angeles Torrance Unified Results Report Torrance Unified Research Files
Tracy Joint Unified San Joaquin Tracy Joint Unified Results Report Tracy Joint Unified Research Files
Travis Unified Solano Travis Unified Results Report Travis Unified Research Files
Tulare City Elementary Tulare Tulare City Elementary Results Report Tulare City Elementary Research Files
Tulare Joint Union High Tulare Tulare Joint Union High Results Report Tulare Joint Union High Research Files
Turlock Unified Stanislaus Turlock Unified Results Report Turlock Unified Research Files
Tustin Unified Orange Tustin Unified Results Report Tustin Unified Research Files
Ukiah Unified Mendocino Ukiah Unified Results Report Ukiah Unified Research Files
Upland Unified San Bernardino Upland Unified Results Report Upland Unified Research Files
Val Verde Unified Riverside Val Verde Unified Results Report Val Verde Unified Research Files
Vallecitos Elementary San Diego Vallecitos Elementary Results Report Vallecitos Elementary Research Files
Vallejo City Unified Solano Vallejo City Unified Results Report Vallejo City Unified Research Files
Valley Center-Pauma Unified San Diego Valley Center-Pauma Unified Results Report Valley Center-Pauma Unified Research Files
Ventura Unified Ventura Ventura Unified Results Report Ventura Unified Research Files
Victor Valley Union High San Bernardino Victor Valley Union High Results Report Victor Valley Union High Research Files
Vineland Elementary Kern Vineland Elementary Results Report Vineland Elementary Research Files
Visalia Unified Tulare Visalia Unified Results Report Visalia Unified Research Files
Vista Unified San Diego Vista Unified Results Report Vista Unified Research Files
Walnut Valley Unified Los Angeles Walnut Valley Unified Results Report Walnut Valley Unified Research Files
Wasco Union Elementary Kern Wasco Union Elementary Results Report Wasco Union Elementary Research Files
Wasco Union High Kern Wasco Union High Results Report Wasco Union High Research Files
Washington Unified Yolo Washington Unified Results Report Washington Unified Research Files
Weaver Union Merced Weaver Union Results Report Weaver Union Research Files
West Contra Costa Unified Contra Costa West Contra Costa Unified Results Report West Contra Costa Unified Research Files
West Covina Unified Los Angeles West Covina Unified Results Report West Covina Unified Research Files
Western Placer Unified Placer Western Placer Unified Results Report Western Placer Unified Research Files
Westminster Elementary Orange Westminster Elementary Results Report Westminster Elementary Research Files
Westside Union Elem Los Angeles Westside Union Elem Results Report Westside Union Elem Research Files
Wheatland Union High Yuba Wheatland Union High Results Report Wheatland Union High Research Files
Whittier Union High Los Angeles Whittier Union High Results Report Whittier Union High Research Files
Williams Unified Colusa Williams Unified Results Report Williams Unified Research Files
Wilsona Elementary Los Angeles Wilsona Elementary Results Report Wilsona Elementary Research Files
Windsor Unified Sonoma Windsor Unified Results Report Windsor Unified Research Files
Woodlake Union Elem Tulare Woodlake Union Elem Results Report Woodlake Union Elem Research Files
Woodlake Union High Tulare Woodlake Union High Results Report Woodlake Union High Research Files
Woodland Joint Unified Yolo Woodland Joint Unified Results Report Woodland Joint Unified Research Files
Yuba City Unified Sutter Yuba City Unified Results Report Yuba City Unified Research Files
Yucaipa-Calimesa Jt. Unif San Bernardino Yucaipa-Calimesa Jt. Unif Results Report Yucaipa-Calimesa Jt. Unif Research Files