Charter School List - 2008

School Name District Name County Name Report Research File
Academia Semillas Academia Semillas Los Angeles Academia Semillas Report Academia Semillas Research Files
Alianza Charter Alianza Charter Santa Cruz Alianza Charter Report Alianza Charter Research Files
Animo Justice Charter High Animo Justice Charter High Los Angeles Animo Justice Charter High Report Animo Justice Charter High Research Files
Cali Calmecac Language Academy Cali Calmecac Language Academy Sonoma Cali Calmecac Language Academy Report Cali Calmecac Language Academy Research Files
Career Academy at Piner-Olivet Piner-Olivet Union Elementary Sonoma Career Academy at Piner-Olivet Report Career Academy at Piner-Olivet Research Files
Edison-Ronald McNair Edison-Ronald McNair San Mateo Edison-Ronald McNair Report Edison-Ronald McNair Research Files
Escuela Popular Escuela Popular Santa Clara Escuela Popular Report Escuela Popular Research Files
Escuela Popular/Center Escuela Popular/Center Santa Clara Escuela Popular/Center Report Escuela Popular/Center Research Files
Garfield Elementary Charter Redwood City Elementary San Mateo Garfield Elementary Charter Report Garfield Elementary Charter Research Files
Gompers Charter Middle Gompers Charter Middle San Diego Gompers Charter Middle Report Gompers Charter Middle Research Files
Granada Hills Charter High Granada Hills Charter High Los Angeles Granada Hills Charter High Report Granada Hills Charter High Research Files
Helix High Helix High San Diego Helix High Report Helix High Research Files
Horizon Charter Horizon Charter Placer Horizon Charter Report Horizon Charter Research Files
Los Angeles Leadership Academy Los Angeles Unified Los Angeles Los Angeles Leadership Academy Report Los Angeles Leadership Academy Research Files
MAAC Community Charter MAAC Community Charter San Diego MAAC Community Charter Report MAAC Community Charter Research Files
Mammoth Olympic Academy Mammoth Olympic Academy Mono Mammoth Olympic Academy Report Mammoth Olympic Academy Research Files
Mare Island Technology Mare Island Technology Solano Mare Island Technology Report Mare Island Technology Research Files
Memorial Academy San Diego Unified San Diego Memorial Academy Report Memorial Academy Research Files
Monroe Middle Campbell Union Elementary Santa Clara Monroe Middle Report Monroe Middle Research Files
New City Long Beach Unified Los Angeles New City Report New City Research Files
North Valley Charter Academy North Valley Charter Academy Los Angeles North Valley Charter Academy Report North Valley Charter Academy Research Files
Riverside Preparatory Riverside Preparatory San Bernardino Riverside Preparatory Report Riverside Preparatory Research Files
Rolling Hills Middle Campbell Union Elementary Santa Clara Rolling Hills Middle Report Rolling Hills Middle Research Files
Santiago Middle Orange Unified Orange Santiago Middle Report Santiago Middle Research Files
Smythe Academy Smythe Academy Sacramento Smythe Academy Report Smythe Academy Research Files
Steele Canyon High Grossmont Union High San Diego Steele Canyon High Report Steele Canyon High Research Files
Sunset Elementary Fresno Unified Fresno Sunset Elementary Report Sunset Elementary Research Files
The Language Academy Sacramento City Unified Sacramento The Language Academy Report The Language Academy Research Files