2013 STAR Test Results

Lowell High School

All Students - California Standards Test Summary Report

A security breach involving social media exposure of 2013 STAR test material has been confirmed at this school site. This school is not eligible for state or federal award recognition during the 2013–14 school year.

County Name:
San Francisco County
District Name:
San Francisco Unified District
School Name:
Lowell High School
CDS Code:
Total Enrollment on First Day of Testing:
Total Number Tested:
Total Number Tested in Selected Subgroup:

Note: The first row in each table contains numbers 2 through 11 which represent grades two through eleven respectively. EOC stands for end-of-course.

An asterisk (*) appears on the Internet reports to protect student privacy when 10 or fewer students had valid test scores.

English-Language Arts (Grades 2-11)
Result Type Value
    Students with Scores 1,957
     %  Proficient or Advanced 95.7 %
History (Grades 8 and 11, and end-of-course)
Result Type Value
    Students with Scores 1,308
     %  Proficient or Advanced 90.1 %
Mathematics (Grades 2-7, and end-of-course)
Result Type Value
    Students with Scores 1,956
     %  Proficient or Advanced 76.9 %
Science CST (Grades 5, 8, and 10)
Result Type Value
    Students with Scores 686
     %  Proficient or Advanced 93.9 %
Science End-of-Course
Result Type Value
    Students with Scores 1,912
     %  Proficient or Advanced 87.3 %

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