2012 STAR Test Results

Westlake Charter School

All Students - California Standards Test Summary Report

County Name:
Sacramento County
District Name:
Natomas Unified District
School Name:
Westlake Charter School
CDS Code:
Total Enrollment on First Day of Testing:
Total Number Tested:
Total Number Tested in Selected Subgroup:

Note: The first row in each table contains numbers 2 through 11 which represent grades two through eleven respectively. EOC stands for end-of-course.

An asterisk (*) appears on the Internet reports to protect student privacy when 10 or fewer students had valid test scores.

English-Language Arts (Grades 2-11)
Result Type Value
    Students with Scores 296
     %  Proficient or Advanced 81.1 %
Mathematics (Grades 2-7, and end-of-course)
Result Type Value
    Students with Scores 296
     %  Proficient or Advanced 85.1 %
Science CST (Grades 5, 8, and 10)
Result Type Value
    Students with Scores 56
     %  Proficient or Advanced 80.4 %

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